Case Study – Client Mrs. S.- T’ai Chi/Qigong eliminated need for knee replacement, improves mobility for client with arthritis, improves eyesight.
Mrs. S. is 67 years old and she is the only one in her whole family who has not needed a knee replacement. She has studied T’ai Chi and Qigong with Mr. Tang for 6 years now and believes this is responsible for her notneeding surgery. Knee problems run in the family and one sibling who is younger and the rest who are older, all had knee replacements.
Her doctor told her that she needed 2 knee replacements back in 2001. She feels more energy since doing Wild Goose Qigong and T’ai Chi and she can walk better. Her knees are stable for now. Mrs. S. also changed her diet and she no longer eats red meat or pork. She only eats chicken and fish. She avoids foods, which may cause inflammation.
She has not needed medication for her knees and has no pain, despite that X-rays show she has bone-on-bone. Her doctor is surprised she has no pain.
Mrs. S. reports that she has arthritis in her whole body, but she has more mobility now. She also studies Yang and Chen style T’ai Chi with Mr. Tang, as well T’ai Chi fan, long form Chen, and 6 Healing Sounds. She takes about 3 classes a week.
After practicing 6 Healing Sound she puts her hands on her eyes. After 3 months she noticed an improvement in her eyesight. She has astigmatism, nearsighted in 1 eye and farsighted in the other. Although she has had reading glasses for 15 years, now she can see better without glasses for some things.
Although the practices may be challenging, they perk her up and keeps her mind off things. Mrs. S. does not have time to worry.



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