Case Study- Client Mrs. H. –Master Tang’s Tai Chi classes have immensely helped my health conditions for years.

In 2002 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis – an immune system disorder similar to rheumatoid arthritis. At that time I had difficulty in walking, and even brushing my teeth.  My doctors administered a series of anti-inflammatory drugs, but all turned out ineffective.  Eventually the doctors switched to Remicade treatment – an intravenous infusion every 6 weeks.  Although Remicade was very effective in treating my joints, it resulted in serious side effects.   After 3 years of Remicade, I had massive psoriasis breakout, which was a manifestation of my system’s intolerance to the treatment.  The doctors could only stop Remicade immediately, and asked whether I would try another new intravenous infusion drug which soon could be approved by FDA.  Considering another set of possible serious side effects that could come with the drug, I began seriously following my Chinese friends’ advice to taking Tai Chi classes and practicing Tai Chi diligently instead.

Master Tang has been an Excellent Tai Chi teacher.  Not only he instructs students his authoritative ways for performing each Tai Chi Style forms with physical balance and grace, but also he enables students to understand how Qi (Energy) flows through Qi channels, with the aid of Chinese meridian charts drawn directly from Chinese medical theories.  With that understanding as the basis, he further teaches students how to concentrate their mind and combine proper breathing techniques to promote relaxation, and to move Qi smoothly throughout their entire body during Tai Chi practices.  Normally after about 20 minutes of such practices, I would feel warm in my entire body, and start sweating as if I had done a vigorous workout, though my mind actually becomes sharper and my body even more energized.

Since joining his classes, my Tai Chi practices with Master Tang have kept my joints feeling well, without the need of any medication, including Remicade.  Tai Chi has been a real miracle to me.

Master Tang’s Tai Chi Classes have been fun also.  He possesses a great sense of humor.  He has great patience with students as well, because he understands each student’s challenges in learning Tai Chi.  In short, I truly appreciate the benefits from Master Tang’s Tai Chi classes.

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