Wild Goose Qi Gong


           Wild Goose (Da Yan) Qi Gong

         Contemporary Disseminator: Yang Meijun


          Dayan(wild goose) is a bird of longevity with high-energy.  Qi Gong may refer to a kind the physical motion which can stimulate  the Bio-energy field of human body  to improve physical and mantal function, and maintain health and even fighting diseases and curing from sickness . Dayan Qi Gong has obtained its name from imitating the movements and habits and characteristics of wild geese. .

    Dayan Qi Gong belonging to the Taoist Kunlun School originated in Jin Dynasty and has been in circulation for more then1000 years .

    For a long time in the past , Dayan Qi Gong was passed on secretly in the Taoist school. It has a huge system consisting of more than 70 sets of  motional  and motionless  methods.  The practice of Dayan Gong may wonderfully result  in curing sickness,  reaping  good  health,   promising longevity and increasing intelligence, bringing about eventually an overall improvement of physical and mental functions.

    The contemporary disseminator of Dayan Qi Gong, Master Yang Meijun, the famous Qi Gong master, who inherited all the techniques and theories of this Kunlun  Qi Gong school, began to  teach it in 1980.   So far she has taught  23 kinds of  Gong  techniques  including  the first  and  second 64 postures,  patting Gong, the five element Gong, etc.

    In order to popularize Dayan Qi Gong, government administration of physical culture and sports approved Dayan Qi Gong as health  Qi  Gong  of China. Master Yang Meijun as a director of special commission for Dayan Qi Gong, was invited yet as a council member of China Scientific Research Institution of Qi Gong, an honorary advisor to Beijing Qi Gong Research Association and an honorary professor of many universities.

    Dayan Qi Gong is one of China's best Qi Gongs.  The first and second 64 postures, the two sets of basic techniques are modeled on the movements of wild geese, which are dynamic and static at the same time, combining strength with grace. They bring beauty and gracefulness to the shape and carriage of the body and relaxation and freedom to the  movements. When the major channels, arteries and veins of the 12 even channels and the 8 odd arteries and veins are dredged, a Qi field will be produce all over the body. So that after the absolution of nature's rich and pure energy and the detoxifying of the body, the functions of the human body and the performances of Qi Gong will jump onto a higher level and the genuine Qi will return to Dan, a refined (tempered) 'Inner Dan.'

    Although the techniques of Dayan Qi Gong are unfathomable, yet they are simple and easy to learn, without contraindication and ill effect.

    Dayan Qi Gong gets at the root of things.  For example,  in combating diseases,  it  works  for effecting  a permanent cure  by stimulating  and conducting all the principal channels and occupants and bettering the function  of   the human body  as well as  by  strengthening  the  nerves, regulating  the body fluid, adjusting the function of the viscera, balancing yin and yang and it can be a cure for various kinds of chronic diseases and diseases of other sort, like cardiac symptoms and illnesses in the nervous, respiratory, digestive and urinary systems . The Qi Gong is so effective that the diseases it can cure make up a long list, which may also cover mental disorder, epilepsy, calculus’s, arthritis, dermatitis, gynecological diseases, diabetes, pancreatic diseases, uremia, meningitis, brain tumor, illnesses of the five sense organs, deafness, glaucoma, cataract! Cancer and diseases in the waist and the four limbs. A long practice of the Qi Gong may set one free from cancer and poisonous diseases.

   At present, Dayan Qi Gong has been popularized in most of the provinces and municipalities in the country with good results.

    Even in countries and regions like Japan, the United States, Canada, North/West Europe, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, etc, it has created a large number of ardent enthusiasts and won fervent praises.  

                         Name of 1st 64 movements              Name of 2nd 64 movements

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