Vitality Soup For 2007

1. Two spoons dry Red Dates 2. Three spoons uncooked peanuts with red skin . 3. Two-four slices Red Ginseng
4. Mixed them in the slow cook 5. Put water in the slow cook 6. Set slow cook at low
7. slowly cook it  for 4-6 hours

Vitality Soup for 2007

Three spoons uncooked peanuts with red skin , Two  spoons dry dates and Two-four slices red  ginseng. One gallon  water, And slowly cooks those for four hours, then add some brown sugar.
 Drink two times a day: half of glass in the morning after wake up, and half of glass in the evening before sleeping  for 27 days during the winter, start from Dec., 22st 2006 and end on Jan., 18th 2007. (or just drink for 27 days during winter days)

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