Six Healing Sound Qi Gong

Six Healing Sound Qigong was found circa 250 A.D. during the Chin dynasty in China. The earliest record of the six healing sound qigong  was found in the book called "nourish  mind and longevity record" which was written by Tao Hong Jing (581-681), a famous ancient  Chinese medicine doctor, thinker. So the six healing sound qigong has at least 1400 years of history. This form of qigong uses sounds, breath and movements to  improve energy(Qi) circulation. Each sound is associated with an internal organ system, an external sense organ and an emotion .

Practicing Six Healing Sound Qigong can balance internal Yin and Yang energy system, tone and improve the organ functions, boost the immune system, remove toxins, uplift mood, reduce stress and contribute longevity.

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